As the first elected National President of the Gombe State University (GSU) Alumni Association, on behalf of the elected Executive, members and the Board of Trustees, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the GSU. The GSU Alumni Association exists, wholly and solely, to help our alumni and, by extension, the University itself, succeed. The Association has been working over the last few years to greatly expand our outreach to members and to our Alma Mater.

The world gets more complicated with every passing day. GSU staff Alumni members and get in touch with one another easily by virtue of being in the same environment which houses the National Secretariat, but we seem to have lost touch with those outside that close circles. The GSU Alumni Association can help you stay connected to those friends and to the vast resources available in the University, from the faculty that taught and guided you to our libraries, seminars and symposia, web sites, social media and an extraordinary variety of “stay connected” programs designed with you in mind. They are all designed to support you as you pursue your post-academic life and career.

The GSU Alumni family is huge with members in every state including the Federal Capital Territory and many countries, many of whom continue to be engaged in the life of the University and to contribute to its successes. The GSU Alumni Association goals, alumni sporting events, career advisory services, and social media resources available are all designed to help you be as successful as you can possibly be. After all, your success is our success. At the same time, I would challenge you to think of ways you can give back to the University in any way you can. Thus, your giving back must not be monetary, though that is, of course, always welcome. There are many ways to give back, from career and academic mentoring to volunteering time at on and off-campus events to simply attending academic and social events.

The Association's events are built around a variety of University academic and social activities. By attending them, we will be able to build our professional network and mentor the prospective alumni and friends. Our career workshops have proven particularly useful as they prepare participants for their (future) careers. It is rightly said, “The seeds we’re planting today will grow and become mighty oaks and their branches will run over the earth.” Please keep in touch to empower our students with the skills they need to walk across the graduation stage and take those next steps to their successful careers.

Thank you for using this site, and please come back often. I encourage you to explore all that we have to offer to stay connected and make yourself and GSU Alumni Association stronger. And any time you find yourself in GSU or Gombe and its environs, please do not hesitate to stop by GSU Alumni Secretariat. The staff here will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and fill you in on what is happening around the campus. Together, we will promote a positive image of the University, its students and Alumni through communication, service and leadership.

With warmest regard

Adamu Jibir, Ph.D.

National President.